Will I have problems getting a discontinued auto brand or model repaired or getting parts once it’s out of production?

I am thinking of purchasing a car manufactured by General Motors.
Will I have any problems getting it repaired or getting parts since the brand and model I want will be out of production.

Whether you are buying a GM or Chrysler product, there will not be a problem getting parts or finding a good mechanic to do the maintenance and repair work.
There are tens-of-millions of cars manufactured by General Motors and Chrysler Corporation on the roads around the world. There are thousands of excellent mechanics have been thoroughly trained to work on these car brands and all models. Many of these mechanics will be working for their own companies that they start or for dealers who branch into the repair and maintenance business for these brands.
Also, because there are so many millions of these cars on the roads, there will likely be an increased number of after-market parts suppliers who recognize the vast potential customer bases for these products. The after-market companies will have an expanded potential customer base since the restructured GM and Chrysler will be more willing to provide specifications to them for helping support their existing customers.
You should feel at least as confident as at any other time about repairs and maintenance for any discontinued brand or model from GM and Chrysler.
Moreover, the US government is committed to keeping the auto companies — GM and Chrysler — alive because they provide thousands of jobs for union workers. The parts supplying companies also have union and non-union workers that the US government has cannot afford to allow to become unemployed.
Also, this is a time to be wise and search for a good deal on almost any of these brands.

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