Why won’t the back-up lights go on?

My car got rejected for a sticker because the reverse lights do not work.
It is not a bulb issue and no one knows where to go from there.
I have heard the words neutral switch and position sensor.
Could you please help me?

First, check all fuses. If they are good, consider the following.
Second, the neutral safety switch is the switch that allows the engine to be started only if the car is in neutral or reverse.
If the bulbs and sockets are making clean, tight connections, if the bulbs do not have burned out filaments, and if there is electricity running through the wiring and sockets, then the problem may be with the reverse activation switch.
The reverse activation switch is triggered — closes the electrical circuit to turn on the back-up lights — when the car is shifted into reverse.
These switches are a few inches in size with a simple metal mounting bracket.
This switch is located on the shift linkage in a spot so as to be engaged when the shift linkage moves into reverse.
Some cars have it near the shift lever inside the console. Other vehicles have this switch located on the column near the shift linkage.
Some vehicles have this switch located near the transmission side of the linkage.
Talk to a mechanic at your manufacturer’s dealer to learn where this switch is located on your vehicle.

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