Why won’t my car start?

On occasion my vehicle just will not start.
After a few minutes of pumping the gas pedal and pleading, it will start up.
I have had this looked at and they can not find anything wrong and the battery seems fine.
Also, it sometimes sounds like it’s going to shut off at stop lights, especially if my A/C is on.
Any ideas??

There is an air leak somewhere along the intake system.
The computer is setting the air/fuel mixture to what should work, but the mixtures that is actually entering the cylinders is too lean due to the air leaking into the mixture on its way to the cylinders.
The leak is also causing the engine to idle too low and nearly die when the A/C is adding its drag to the engine load.
This leak is causing the hard starting condition since it is allowing too much air into the fuel/air mixture. That lean condition is particularly detrimental when trying start the engine. The mixture should be rich when starting.

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