Why is this used car being sold so inexpensively?

I was looking on Craigslist and saw a car like I am looking for.
The owner didn’t include the specific model. It has thousands of miles on it and he is asking less than book value.
That seems like a very low price after looking at KBB and other sources.
This private owner says it has been garage kept and it is in very good condition.
Why would he sell it for such a low price and why would the miles be so low?
Maybe he has a lot of cars to drive?

You think he has a lot of cars to drive??? Or maybe he is just a really nice person who wants a stranger to have this really great car!!!
You provided the relevant information above and rhetorically asked us ask us the right questions. Therefore, it would seem that you are wise enough to make it through life without getting caught by a sharpie car seller in a bad deal.
Sure, this could be someone in some sort of personal situation who just wants to sell his car quickly.
But why take a chance on getting stuck with a bad deal and then having to do a bunch of repairs? And even if it runs OK, why ruin a fun time buying a good car that you will rely upon by spending your money on a problem?
Be very cautious.
If you want to check out this car — or any car — and don’t know much about mechanical things such as cars, bring a friend who does know.
Or take it to a good mechanic before you buy it.
It is often worth paying a good mechanic for his good advice following a test drive and comprehensive inspection.

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