Why is my engine misfiring on two cylinders?

Lately my car’s small V6 has been misfiring.
I thought it might be electrical so I replaced one out of two coil packs. The other looked OK. I also replaced the spark plugs.
When I replaced the spark plugs though I saw that the cylinders had been leaking oil into them and the fourth cylinder was almost full of oil.
So next I replaced the valve cover gasket.
It was still missing so I thought it might be fuel. I replaced the factory fuel filter and did a pressure check on all the vacuum hoses.
That checked out OK. But still it misses.
Is it the other coil pack or something else all together?
Any help would be appreciated.

The other coil pack may be bad, however, oil — or any liquid in the cylinder is worse. Is the liquid in the remaining misfiring cylinder gas or oil… or coolant?

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