Why does the Check Engine light keeps coming on even after replacing parts?

The Check Engine light came on about 3 weeks ago so I took it to a garage and they said oxygen sensor.
So, I replaced this sensor. Then it came back on and they said it was the catalytic converter. So it was replaced.
But now the Check Engine light is back on. When I drive, the car seems like someone is applying the brakes on and off. The car slows down and then takes off. And when I stop at lights a lot of time the car just dies. If I restart it, it is fine.
Someone said it maybe a fuel injector problem.
But I already put about $80 worth in the car and the problem won’t go away.
Anyone can you please help me or give me good Ideas????
Thank you soooo Much!!

Find an experienced mechanic who knows your make and model car. Then, ask him to delve into your car’s computer controllers. He will use test equipment and his experience and smarts to deduce what precisely the problem is.

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