Why does my engine die when I stop at intersections?

When I stop at stop signs, my car shakes. It is that type shake the cars having manual transmissions get and the driver doesn’t know how to properly use the clutch.
Then the engine dies.
It will start right back up and it drives fine until the next time I have to stop.
Thank you.

My car did the same thing. I’m a service advisor and found out its your idler and throttle body that makes your car stall when you stop. And sometimes and it can be your cad converter.
If you go to a decent auto shop ask for a BG fuel treatment, you will see that it cleans your gas, throttle body, idler, engine and gives you 4-5 mpg extra.
The cost is about 145 dollars but it’s worth every penny.
My car runs like new and it doesn’t stall any more when stopping.
Mine did the same thing.
It was the cad converter.
My car had the same issue twice.
The first time it was some kind of a pipe or something that had rotted away. It cost about $20 to fix.
The second time it was the vacuum pump that had become disconnected from where it needed to be. That cost $0 to fix.
Check the fuel filter.
If it still idles poorly, try changing plug wires and plugs. If that doesn’t help, set your idle correctly after getting a tune up.
If there is still a problem, check the fuel filter. Lastly check fuel pump.
It sounds to me like the TCC Lockup Solenoid is bad.
It’s supposed to lock the two halves of the torque converter together to save gas at higher speeds.
When you slow to stop, the TCC is supposed to unlock the torque converter so the engine can still run while the transmission can stop.
You can unplug the TCC from the transmission to test this out.
It’s the small plug that can be seen from under the hood on the right side down between the engine and the radiator on the transmission. It’s a four prong plug I think.
Try that and see if the problem clears up.
The engine is idling too slowly. That allows the load from the transmission to stall the engine.
The reason why it is idling too slowly should be identified.
The low idle may be caused by a dirty fuel filter that is impeding the flow of gas, the air/gas mixture is wrong, or simply the idle speed is incorrectly set.
Your gas pump may not be working properly!
If you set your cruise control on as much as possible, this may help.
This problem often goes away by itself.

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