Why do the fuses on this circuit keep burning out?

I am having a problem with my SUV. Recently I noticed that the turn signals were not working in the van.
When I went to go to my local auto parts store, my friend noticed that not only were my turn signal lights not working, my brake lights were also not working.
At the auto parts store, I bought the required fuses to replace the blown fuses and I replaced the fuses at that time.
About 5 minutes into my drive home, the turn signal and brake light went out again.
I don’t know what the problem is.
I would like to know what this problem sounds like it could be.
Is it something I, a mechanically impaired person, could fix on my own, or do I need to take the car to be repaired by a mechanic?

The van’s turn signal lights and brake lights are on the same circuit. Therefore if there is a problem with any one light socket or wire lead that causes a fuse to blow, the fuse will blow and all lights on that circuit will not light.
Find the — likely only one — wire or socket that is shorting out and causing the fuse to blow.
This requires testing each socket and the wiring leading to the power source for each socket. That includes all brake and turn signal sockets. Also make sure to verify that there are no other check sockets on that circuit. If there are, they must also be traced and tested.
If there is no obvious clue as to which socket or wire is shorting, then the number of sockets and wires needed to test is a matter of luck. You may find the bad one on the first test… or the last test… or any where in between.

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