Why did my dad rev the car’s motor before turning it off?

When I was in junior high in the 50’s, I would often ride with my friend and his father.
Invariably, when we reached our destination, his father would rev the motor before turning off the ignition.
Do you have any idea why?

This brought back memories. A few of us around the office talked about this and found an old guy among us who recalled this same thing.
He said that this procedure ended in the 1960s along with many other once-normal activities.
Our best combined explanation is that it was believed, and may be true for cars in those and earlier years, revving just as the engine was turned off, would leave some unburned gasoline in the cylinders.
That unburned gasoline would make the engine start more quickly the next time it was given a spark. That gasoline was sealed in the cylinder heads for a quick ignition.
Sam and Ernie, who are young guys and old, say this is so.

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