Why did my car loose power while driving?

My car shut off while driving on the freeway.
After turning the ignition key on to attempt to restart the car, I noticed there are no lights on the dashboard.
After waiting 30 seconds to open the hood, I tried again and is back to normal. But I noticed that my radio lost the station presets.
I read in some of the forums that it can be a defective battery that has a loose pole inside of the battery.
I found that almost impossible, but I would like to request an additional possible explanation if I can.
I’ve checked for loose cables and wires and/or too much oxidation between the battery and the terminals.
Please help!

Since the radio lost the station settings, it appears that your car lost all power.
While driving the car’s alternator provides power for the engine and all accessories.
Since you were driving, it sounds like some connection to the alternator was lost for a short period.
Check all connections to the alternator and the junction & fuse box. Verify that all ground connections are clean and tight.
Your gas pump might not be be gas all the time.
If you try putting your car on cruise as much as possible it will help.
Over time this problem usually stops.

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