Why, after inspection, do my vehicle’s brakes make a thumping noise?

I had my rear brakes looked at yesterday.
The brakes were fine, but when they put it back together and I drove out, the brakes made a thumping noise while driving.
The noise stops when braking.
I took it back and they said this was normal and that the brake needed to just get seated.
I have driven over 45 miles and it is still doing it.
Is this normal? I am afraid it will wear something out.

The noise is most likely caused by an arm — or lever — that was not replaced flush in its housing and thus seated properly. When the brakes are applied, this arm moves tightly against its mounting component and is then held firmly in place.
It may be that a return spring is partially twisted and pulling the arm off of its out-of-use position until the brakes are applied.
The wheel that makes the thumping noise should have its brake opened. All brackets, arms, springs, and levers should be repositioned, untwisted so there is no sideways stress, and tightened to specification.

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