Where could the gas be leaking from?

We have a raw gasoline smell in our SUV. This smell is intermittent.
We just took a vacation and towed a 20 foot trailer for the first time. While we were driving we began to notice a strong smell of gas.
This was happening while we were under maximum load gaining elevation.
Two years ago we put on a locking gas cap, but we never had any problems.
After speaking to a dealership in the area while on vacation, we bought a new cap to try the cheapest fix first.
We still have the problem.
Any ideas will be appreciated.

The gas leak could be intermittent because at higher altitudes, there is lower ambient air pressure to contain the pressure in the system.
Examine the entire gas line starting with the most exposed and accessible portions of the gas line. Look for tell-tale dried spots and markings left where the gas has leaked and dried. It will likely have dissolved and re-deposited dirt.
Check the junctions at the fuel filter and pump and certainly completely around everywhere inside the engine compartment.
Any gas leak should be found and eliminated regardless of how difficult it may be to locate.
Gas leaks must not be allowed to continue — and definitely not allowed to get worse.

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