What should I do to make sure my new or used car lasts a long time & runs efficiently?

I just bought a used car with 114,000 miles. What if I had bought a brand new vehicle instead?
I would like my “new” car to last many miles — and years.
What should I do to make sure it lasts?


Always use the grade of gas that is recommended. This can be found in your owner’s manual.
If you want to improve the life of your car, get it’s oil changed at the right intervals, replace tires when recommended, keep tires properly inflated, and just do an overall check each month.
I hope this helped!!
NOTE: If you purchased a brand new vehicle, the following advice applies equally well.
The first thing to do is obtain the user’s manual for your vehicle. It should cover your car’s model and year.
You may be able to find a copy of the owner’s manual online either at the manufacturer’s Internet site or on an Internet forum that discusses your car or similar vehicles. These forums can be very informative since the postings are by other owners who have the same or similar model as you.
Postings on these sites may include identification of problems and features with follow up posts identifying corrections and how-to details.
Owner’s manuals usually have a list of areas and specific parts that need regular maintenance. Review this recommended maintenance list.
This list is your guidance for as long as you own your new or used vehicle.
If you have service records from a previous owner, check them to be certain that all appropriate maintenance has been performed and make a note when the next service is due.
If you have no service records, you should check the engine oil, transmission, brake, differential fluids, and all other fluids to ensure that they are at the correct levels and appropriately clean.
If the oils or other fluids are dark or appear dirty, it is wise to get them changed. If there is a filter associated with the specific fluid, change that filter when changing the fluid.
To best way to ensure your vehicle will last and require the least amount of maintenance is to follow all recommendations in the manufacturer’s owner’s manual.

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