What might cause these swooshing and squeaking noises?

My car is almost 3 years old and has over 35,000 miles.
I have never had the brakes replaced.
I recently hit the back wheel on the passenger side very hard against a curb.
Two weeks later I started hearing a swooshing noise and some squeaking.
At first I was only hearing it when I hit the brakes but now I hear it while I’m driving.
Does anyone have any ideas about what could be causing this noise?

It is possible that when you hit the curb the wheel and / or braking assembly was bent. Have a knowledgeable, trustworthy mechanic examine the wheel for alignment and especially the brake assembly for bent levers and other internal components.
It could be that an arm or lever inside the brake assembly was bent and as it is now rubbing. Since it may be out of angle, it is wearing incorrectly and therefore getting more frequent.

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