What might cause my vehicle’s left front wheel to bounce uncontrollably when it hits a bump?

While I am driving at 50 miles per hour or faster and hit a small bump, the left front tire bounces so badly that I loose control.
I cannot steer and the brakes hardly work until I slow down to about 20 miles per hour.
I have already changed shocks, ball joints, tire rods, and the u joints on the front axle, hub bearing, tires.
Nothing seems loose and I don’t know what to do next.
I would appreciate any ideas.

Check the pitman arm — the linkage control arm — that attaches to the steering gear ox. This rod connects the steering gear box to the control shafts that make up the parallelogram steering geometry.
It could be that the steering gear has excess internal play. This excess play may not show up without unbolting it from the steering gear. Also grab and wiggle the idler arm checking for excess play.

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