What could it mean when the used car I buy has had its speedometer cluster replaced?

I am looking to buy a used car on Ebay.
The seller says there is 74,000 miles on the car.
I just noticed the seller also bought a “speedometer cluster” for the vehicle he is selling.
Should I be worried that he is trying to change the odometer?
Thanks so much for your help!

If the speedometer cluster has been replaced, the car’s mileage could be any amount. Of course, it is conceivable  that the owner set the new cluster to display the car’s actual mileage.
Handling of the mileage displayed is up to the installer and owner.
This is a classic caveat emptor situation.
Any potential used car buyer must as a matter of course examine the entire vehicle for indications of damage and wear not having been disclosed.
In this case a potential buyer must determine why the cluster was replaced and then answer the question of mileage and if the cluster was set to display the actual mileage.
This is another factor in the many that must be evaluated when buying used cars.
Talk with the seller to identify all factors relevant to this purchase. If mileage is in question, what other aspects might be questionable.
Before this car is purchased, it should be examined by a reputable mechanic reporting to and paid by the potential owner.
Is this car really so unique that it must be purchased rather than any of several others?

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