What could cause these intermittent electrical connections?

The problem that I have been experiencing with my car is that at least once a week now I could go out and start my car and won’t get a sound.
I see the security light on the dashboard just blinking insinuating that there was a security problem. Someone told me that means there is an electrical problem.
I could turn the key, but the engine wouldn’t start and not everything electrical inside the car and out works. The radio, interior lights, headlights, left and right signals, brake lights etc. are all fine.
I got a brand new starter. But the engine won’t turn over.
Now the way I get it to start is to go under the hood and adjust the ignition relays and fuses around and the car starts right up.
The security light then stops blinking but would still appear when you turn the key 3/4ths of the way. It used to turn off when I started it up.
I would like to know what could be causing this condition and how could I fix it because I’m tired of fooling around.
It doesn’t seem major at all, but it’s just nagging.
Help me please.

Since you can get the car to start by jiggling ignition relays, wires, and fuses, there may be a broken or intermittent connection in this area or inside the fuse box.
There may be an oxidized fuse base that prevents electrical connection effectively breaking the circuit as a blown fuse would do.
Also check the wires leading into and out of the fuse box for clean and electrically-solid connections.
The idea is to verify each connection around where your jiggle wires, relays, fuses, and any parts that then allow the engine to receive spark and starting motor electricity and start.

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