What could cause flickering lights?

Hi guys. I just recently installed a new alternator and I’ve had nothing but flickering lights ever since.
Even the idle goes up and down whether the lights are on or off.
At night I probably look light a CHP coming up behind you with my flickering lights.
Can this be loose wiring or could it be a bad voltage regulator?
I have no engine warning light on or anything like that happening.
Hope you can help.

Check the belt to be certain it is tight enough and meets specification. If it is slipping, it could cause the alternator’s speed to vary, thereby changing its amperage output. That could cause lights to flicker. A loose belt could impact idle speed on lower horse power engines.
Also you are right in your points. A loose connection could flickering. Check for clean, solid electrical ground at the alternator’s mounting points.
A failing voltage regulator could cause the flickering.
The voltage regulator might have been damaged by — or caused damage to — the old alternator, necessitating its replacement.

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