What causes squeaking brakes… and why?

I had the front brakes replaced.
Now I hear a squeaking noise all the time.
The place that did the brakes said it is the calipers.
What are calipers and shouldn’t they have noticed this when they fixed the brakes?

The calipers are the brake parts that sit atop the discs. You see the caliper exposed when you look at disc brakes from the side of a car.
The discs parts are obvious. Calipers ride on the discs and on each side of each disc.
When you step on the brakes, the calipers squeeze the disc and the friction between the caliper’s pad and the disc stops the car.
These days disc brakes that are installed clean and aligned with proper torque, should not squeak after several hundred miles of city driving.
These brakes may need to be properly bedded. Check with the manufacturer of the disc brake’s pads to learn the specific steps to bed the new discs.

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