Vehicle Buyer’s Survey


1. How certain is your selection of manufacturer — that is, the brand — you want for your next vehicle? Fairly sure; Somewhat sure; Not sure; Open to change.

2. How sure are you about the country of origin of your next vehicle? Do you consider where your vehicles are manufactured? Very concerned; Fairly concerned; Somewhat concerned; Not at all concerned. It doesn’t matter at all.

3. Select the type vehicle you plan to buy next. Sports Car; SUV; Coupe; Sedan; Convertible;

4. Is your current vehicle a hybrid? An electric?

5. How firm is your price range? That is, if you really fell in love with a more expensive vehicle, about how hard would you try to reach financially to purchase your next vehicle? Very firmly fixed price range; Somewhat firmly fixed price range; I can’t go beyond my budget these days; I don’t think I will need to pay much over my budgeted amount; Absolutely, under no condition, will I extend my budget.

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