Performance Upgrades

Your Performance Upgrades

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Would you like to tell AskCarQuestions your thoughts about performance of your current and next vehicles?

If so, thanks. Here are a few questions.

1.) About the next vehicle you buy. I would like it to have:
More horsepower, Better brakes, Improved visibility, More convenience power features (windows, locks, etc.), Better paint & finish, Improved handling?
Other stuff?

2.)  About your current vehicle: Any needed improvements?
Brakes, Headlights, Stereo system, Handling, Visibility?
Other stuff?

3.)  Have you done any upgrading to your current vehicle?
Tires, Brakes, Battery, Exhaust, Interior, Stereo?
Other stuff?

4.)  Generally when it comes to upgrading my vehicle’s performance, Do you:
Shop around quit a bit / Buy top quality / Try to save money / Buy only parts manufactured by the same company that made my vehicle / Not be too concerned with the parts’ brand / Trade the vehicle before spending much money.

5.)  The vehicle I had in mind when answering these questions is a:
Sports car, SUV, Sedan – 4 door, Sedan – 2 door, Convertible, or Light truck?


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