Many choices, but what is best for us?

We are a family of four (mom, dad and boys 8 and 6). We own a minivan and are ready to buy something else. We live in a small town and drive about 600-800km/month of highway driving and about 100km/month in town.
We need room for five and two bags of hockey equipment.
We have looked and looked for the best fuel economy along with room for us.
We are having a hard time deciding because with the price of diesel and gas on the rise maybe buying a new fossil fuel car is not the best investment.
So we have also looked at hybrid vehicles but we are worried about how they will run in cold weather and if they are worth the price when most of our driving is on the highway.
We are confused!
I would like the room of a small to mid-sized wagon or SUV.
There are so many choices and we want our money to be well spent and have something with decent residual value.
We would rather buy used with the option of buying extended warranty but then we see the fuel economy of a small car and wonder if it is worth the money.
We would appreciate any advice that would help us decide on a safe, fuel efficient and comfortable vehicle.
Thanks for your time.

You have asked most of the relevant questions yourself without any further help.
Only you know your finances, personal needs and desires, and how far you are willing to push your limits.
Pause, sit down with a pencil and paper, and list each question on the top of separate pieces of paper. Draw a vertical line down the center of each page.
List the pros and cons and, if appropriate, the costs involved for each question and its various answers.
Do not agonize over each and every detail and the trivial — or less important details.
After each question has been answered as briefly and concisely as you are capable of doing, review your answers.
You will see your optimal path.
Have confidence, relax, and think it through without rushing.
Do not allow any salesman to give you the decide-now-or-you’ll-lose rush.

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