It’s an Oldsmobile Delta 88 that you remember!

In the late 1980’s my uncle had an American made car with a V10 engine, I remember it being a Delta 88. If I remember correctly it was a 2 door, with a short stubby trunk. Can anyone help me in identifying this car.

Thanks for any memories, Thomas

I bet you’re thinking of General Motor’s Oldsmobile 88. Several year’s models were named the Delta 88 and the Rocket 88. Later that was changed to “Eighty-Eight”, rather than “88”. These were produced from 1986 through the 1988. They were available in 2 coupe and 4-door sedan models.

I don’t believe it ever had a V-10; only V-8 and 6-cylinder engines were available. But Oldsmobile offered a diesel for a few years. Maybe that was a V-10.

The Oldsmobile brand was discontinued during the 2007 GM bankruptcy.

Please click here for a video of a really clean looking Delta 88.

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