If a parked car is struck, can its transmission be damaged?

When a parked car is struck with force by another vehicle, is it true that the parked car can suffer transmission problems?

Automatic transmissions have internal locking mechanisms. Some are strictly mechanical. Others are electro-mechanical devices.
The purpose of all of these internal locking mechanisms is to prevent the vehicle from rolling, that is, moving forward or backwards, while parked.
If a parked vehicle is bumped with enough force, the transmission’s internal lock may be damaged or even made ineffective.
The best way to prevent this from happening to your vehicle is to leave enough room in front and in back for those vehicles to easily pull out from their parking positions and drive away.
If another driver is going to be crude enough to bump another driver’s vehicle while parking, there isn’t much you can do.
The transmission’s locking mechanism is usually an internal component. Therefore, damage may require removal of the transmission, repair or replacement of the locking mechanism, and re-installation of the transmission.

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