I am not able to fill the fuel tank.

The gas nozzle gets switched off as if the tank is full.
I have to fill the fuel by giving some gap of 1 or 2 seconds.
Why do I have to click small spurts of gasoline and pause in between each to allow the gas to eventually fill the tank?

It is caused by the imbalanced mechanical checks with balancing mechanisms designed into today’s automobile closed and vented fuel systems.
These systems include vents and carbon filter reservoirs with check valves designed to prevent vapors from escaping into the atmosphere.
Tolerances in many of these systems are tight and tank necks are circuitous. Gasoline pumps have back-pressure sensors which shut off the fuel flow to prevent over-filling and the resultant over-flow. When these automatic shut-off mechanisms are overly sensitive, they cause premature shut-off.
The resolution is to pump slowly rather than at full pump pressure. Try different pumps at the same gas station and also try different gas stations. A given pump may not fill a tank one day, but because of maintenance adjustments, may pump well a few days later.

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