How serious can a blown head gasket be?

PLEASE HELP — some guidance — please help with my vehicle.
My car is leaking water into the engine occasionally overheating. It idles poorly and I saw some white smoke from the exhaust.
I know this sounds like a blown head gasket, but is this fixable?
If I pay $1,200 to replace the head gasket, will I need more later or even a new motor?
I don’t want to waste my money and yes water is in the oil !!!!

Coolant in the oil means that there is the potential for bearing, cylinder wall, and any other lubricated parts to be damaged to extents that make the engine not worth repairing.
How serious any damage is your specific case is not determinable without a step-by-step tear down while checking out specific parts for damage at each step.
You indicate you experienced occasional overheating and white exhaust smoke. These are signs that the problem has occurred and needs to be remedied immediately. Since the problem has existed over some engine running time, it may have seriously damaged some critical parts — bearings, cylinder walls, and more.
The tear-down work should proceed only if you have a mechanic and shop that you trust and have had experience with.
They should take the project one step at a time to check out the bearings and identify the direct damage caused by the coolant leaking into the cylinder(s). They should be capable of recognizing various signs of damage that make the engine not repairable so that they do not proceed too far and then — too late — realize that it is not repairable.
You can look into replacing the engine with a new crate engine from the manufacturer.
Also, you may locate a junk yard that has a similar car with an potentially good used engine that will replace yours. You will need a good mechanic familiar with your Nissan engine to check out any wrecked vehicle’s engine before you purchase it for installation in your car.
This could be a very serious problem.
I would not drive this car if I were you.
Water in the oil is never a good sign. A blown gasket can ruin you engine in no time.
Over heating is a big problem and can also crack your radiator.
Be smart and get it fixed before your problem gets worse!!!

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