How much should I offer for this used car?

How much should I offer for a specific used car?
It hasn’t been driven in a year.
The seller is asking some thousands. Would it be rude to offer much less, if that’s all I have?
I could tell him I might have more in a couple weeks.
Please help! I don’t want to offend him, but it would be really great if I could get the car.

The amount of money that you have or are willing to spend, is not relevant.
Being nice or being rude is not relevant.
The car has a fair market value.
The owner has all right to expect and should receive something he considers a fair value.
If it is a deal that you really want, then you will need to offer close to the owner’s perception of fair value.
The owner may be willing to trust you with a payment plan.
If you want the car, it is your responsibility to get the money using your credit worthiness.
This is a business deal. Handle it as a standard, rule-based business deal.

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