How do I know if my car has bad ball joints?

I am just wondering how you can tell when it is time to change the ball joints?

Ball joints are one of several components critical to the car’s steering system. Problems with any of these components can cause damage and wear to other components.
Also, these components are all critical for good safety.
If one or more ball joints have worn out and need replacement, you might — but not necessarily — notice a loose or wondering steering feel, especially at moderate speeds.
Another symptom of worn ball joints — and other steering components — include unevenly worn tires.
However, there is no way to be certain that loose or wondering steering is being caused by defective or worn ball joints.
The best way to identify the cause of any steering problem or uneven tire wear is to have the car aligned by a reputable shop using the latest, well-maintained alignment equipment.
The alignment process should identify any parts that are misaligned, loose, and worn out.
If you have either abnormal tire wear or a loose steering condition, for safety’s sake, you should get the car aligned.
And be sure to replace all worn parts promptly with high quality parts.

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