How can I restore the paint color on my vehicle’s plastic bumper?

The plastic front has faded and does not match the metal part of the body. How do I restore the nose to match the paint.

Early — which now means older — plastic-type painted bumpers will naturally lose their luster and brilliance due to time and sunshine.
Depending upon how the elements and time have treated these bumpers, many may be restored reasonably well through careful use of mild chemical cleaner-waxes.
For less age-worn bumpers try a liquid cleaner-wax. Select your favorite major brand’s version.
Sometimes a strong hand application will have an amazingly good success. More severely worn bumpers will clean up using the same cleaner-wax carefully applied in a controlled manner using a light touch with an electric drill with a polishing wheel.
The more severe cases will benefit from a clay bar application.
Be very cautious to not apply too much pressure in any of these situations. Excess pressure will wear and rub the paint off and leave the plastic-type material showing and thus requiring an entire re-paint.

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