How can I connect my LEDs?

Hi, I thought I would give it a shot & maybe I can get help.
I have an older SUV and I decided to pimp it up a bit. I’m trying to do the pimping by myself but I am stuck with something maybe and someone can help me.
I have bought some extra colorful LEDS that are supposed to glow when I turn the engine on — which turns the front lights on.
Therefore, as you might guess, I need to connect these LEDS to the wires that go to the car’s front lights so they get turned on as well.
Problem: The lights of Santa Fe have a plastic cover that I need to rotate and remove in order to expose the bulbs and their wires. Therefore I cannot connect these wires to my LEDS because the cover exit and needs to be closed.
How do you think I can do that? In another way, how can I connect my LEDS to the wires of the front lights?
Do you think I can get rid of the cover?
I would guess the same problem should occur if someone installs back up sensors because the brake lights are also covered too with a plastic cover.
Any suggestions? Please help. Thank you.


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