Could this be mildew or mold?

My car’s A/C and heat have been working perfectly fine since I bought my car used a year ago.
However, in the last two weeks I’ve noticed a musty, sort of rotten-egg smell coming out of the vents when I turn my A/C or heat on.
It’s faint when the fan is off, but gets worse once I turn the fan on.
Does anyone know what this could be?
My car smells like a dead animal now.

It is possible that the car had moisture from rain or condensation collect in the ducting.
If the car sat for some period of time depending upon ambient temperatures and humidity and moisture build-up, mildew or mold could grow and cause that sort of odor.
You could contact a home repair expert to ask if spraying an anti-mildew disinfectant into each duct might resolve the problem. They may also spray an anti-mildew disinfectant into the fresh air intake for the A/C – heater.
Be certain contact a reputable source. Also make sure they carefully locate and spray only into the correct heater & A/C ducts. Make certain that the engine is off and all power is turned off.
They must follow the directions on the anti-mildew product.

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